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The Ergo-Station

Ergonomic Large-Display Workstations for Commercial, Military and Healthcare Industries


With the advances in computer and display technology, and the dramatic shift in people’s work responsibilities and task demands, small, standard computer monitors are no longer adequate because they no longer meet the demands of the workplace. In fact, there has been an increasing trend in the integration of large displays into the workplace. However, while there has been a great deal of work conducted on designing ergonomically friendly office furniture, to date no published guidelines exist for large display workstations. What works for a small monitor does not work for a large monitor.

For example, maintaining a 20 inch viewing distance (recommended for small computer displays) in front of a 55 inch display creates significant visual discomfort for the user. Moreover, utilizing traditional workstation design for large displays will not allow the user the ability to view the entire computer screen. An ergonomically designed workstation is of paramount importance to the productivity, safety, and satisfaction of those who would use it, especially when used for extended periods of time. In the absence of an ergonomically designed workstation, potential side effects and physical problems include, but are not limited to, neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, and strain of the wrists. Therefore, what is needed is an ergonomically designed workstation compatible with large computer monitors.


  • Adjustable height for maximum comfort for a wide range of users, 95% of the population, in both seated and standing configurations
  • Perfect for presentations
  • Provides a work surface that supports close and distant viewing of the displays
  • Allows full visualization of large amounts of data
  • Mobility that allows full range of most facilities
  • Collapsible, allowing portability through standard 3' doorways

Other Benefits

The ergonomic workstation maximizes a user’s workspace while also minimizing the footprint necessary to provide such a powerful display system. This eases the burden of installing fixed furniture that is tedious and difficult to rearrange as needs change. The size also fosters spurious small group collaboration that used to require moving to another facility or conference room.


Ergo-Station used in a standing configuration


Ergo-Station used in a seated, one-man configuration

Ergo-Station collapsed (table is uncollapsed)


Ergo-Station shown in an extended presentation mode



The display system consists of two 32” HD displays, each with a resolution of 1080x720 and one 55” 4K Main Panel with a resolution of 3840x2160. This creates a display system with a combined resolution of 16,486,400 pixels, which is 7.95 times that of HDTV. The display height, display tilt, and keyboard tray height are independently electro-mechanically controlled paired with a manual keyboard tray distance adjustment.


Although the Ergo-Station can be completely customized, the following specifications are based on the original configuration and may vary due to manufacturing availability and computing requirements:

  • 55" 4k Ultra High-Resolution Display 3840x2160
  • 2 32" HD High Resolution Side Displays
  • 1 Computer Specifications
    • Microsoft Windows 7, 64 bit
      Intel i7 Six-Core Enhanced Performance V3 CPU
      24GB DDR3 1333 (6 DIMMs)
      2 NVidia GTX 480 1.5GB graphics cards
      Blu-ray RW
  • Operational Weight: 420lbs.
  • Operational Footprint (Table Top Lowered): 63”W x (47”- 85”)H x (42”- 62”)D
  • Collapsed Footprint (for transport): 63”W x 47” H x 34”D

While these detail the configuration as demonstrated, the minimum computer configuration is any system that can provide 4 dual link DVI outputs. While using a high-end system is not a requirement, the Ergo-Station is designed to run many applications simultaneously and support the most demanding of visualization applications.

Further Information

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