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Advanced Automation Corporation (AAC) has extensive NAVSEA and Special Operations Forces (SOF) experience, particularly with acquisition process. The SOF experience includes specific experience with Naval Special Warfare (NSW) command.

AAC Systems Engineers and Acquisition professionals are familiar with the DoD and Navy specific acquisition and systems engineering processes, directives and instructions.

Naval Capability Evolution Process
Naval Capability Evolution Process (NCEP) provides recommended processes, methods and tools to aid program managers, their support teams, and contractors in delivering systems that satisfy the originating capability needs documents and that are integrated and interoperable. The NCEP is particularly intended to be utilized by Family-of-Systems/System-of-Systems (FoS/SoS) systems engineering integrated product teams. The NCEP addresses FoS/SoS systems engineering at the force package level, and extends proven systems engineering practices to the acquiring and fielding of capabilities that operate in a net-centric systems environment. The Naval Capability Development Process (NCDP) identifies and prioritizes capability gaps using the Sea Power 21 construct of three mission areas that categorize eleven submissions that provide over sixty discrete war-fighting capabilities.

The complexity of the systems engineering challenge is illustrated in the following figure.

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Elevate systems engineering to the FoS /SoS Level. The challenge to the acquisition community is to effectively organize its systems engineering activities to deliver mission capability at the force package level. The following figure illustrates the capability-based acquisition approach of viewing Naval Force Packages as a single integrated system. It applies a “portfolio of systems” perspective and systems engineering practices as the means of partitioning the problem across force package systems. The goal is to assess and balance performance and evolution to achieve capability objectives within resource constraints.

The NCEP operates within the JCIDS 3170 and DoD 5000.2 capability-based and evolutionary acquisition framework. In this regard, its principle activities and products are intended to comply with and support the JCIDS and DoD acquisition phases and milestone requirements.

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Naval Systems Engineering Process
The Naval Systems Engineering Process is described along with their implementation and products and the tools and techniques throughout the product lifecycle. It is intended that the developer select or define methods and tools that are applicable to the development and are consistent with enterprise policies and procedures. In this course, the Naval policies and procedures were added to describe “how to” with respect to Naval programs. The intent is to provide the Systems Engineer with insight into how Naval Systems Engineering processes fit into the overall EIA-632 systems engineering framework. Additionally, whenever possible, information is provided regarding the inputs, outputs, entry criteria, exit criteria, references, agents, tools and methods that Naval engineering may use to accomplish each sub-process.
AAC has done several types of support for US Navy acquisition from the development of enterprise structures for Performance-based Logistics (PBL) depot design to the development of JCIDS and DoD 5000 documents to training the engineering and acquisition staff at NAVSEA centers. The table below has a synopsis of the work for these centers for the past 15 years.

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