Curriculum Development

AAC builds customized learning programs on diverse topics, based on our broad curriculum development experience, acumen with multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS), and understanding of DoD and Federal learning initiatives. Courses can be delivered in both physical and virtual classroom venues.
AAC’s recognized ISD experts, working with proven models and tools, provide customized ISD services and solutions that range from online course development to full curriculum design.

AAC supports engineers in building a holistic understanding of modern complex systems, taught by industry-recognized experts.

AAC creates interactive, dynamic workshops that provide practical learning opportunities, group collaboration, and knowledge reinforcement during and after the workshop.


AAC designers use web-based solutions and multiple LMS to enable instructors to create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance. AAC is LMS-agnostic, so we are compatible with our clients’ preferences and LMS investments.


AAC’s curriculum designers have extensive working knowledge of online course development tools and can deliver content over most web-enabled devices and platforms.

Curriculum Development Logos

Advanced Distributed Learning
Government Initiatives

AAC embraces the DoD’s Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM™) which encourages inter-organizational collaboration across Defense and other Federal agencies to facilitate interoperability and best practices for distributed learning.

Curriculum Development
Diverse Client Base & Topics

AAC’s curriculum development experts created a scope and sequence for any body of knowledge based on client requirements. AAC has designed curriculum and learning modules to teach and reinforce a diverse range of concepts and topics.