Economic Analysis

Whether you are choosing among large capital investment alternatives, determining the value of assets or need information on market dynamics, AAC’s Economic Analytics department is ready to help, using advanced economic and financial modeling to help you make knowledge-based decisions.

Our Financial & Economic Core Competencies include:
• Market Dynamics
• Financial Analysis
• Reliability, Availability, Maintenance, Cost Analysis (RAM-C)
• Statistical Modeling
• Forensic Valuation
• Data Collection & Analysis
• Feasibility Studies
• Impact Analysis

Our Approach
AAC’s process compares multiple solutions based on project circumstances. This can be supplemented or replaced by client-provided scenarios. Client decision makers choose from alternatives based on the facts, circumstances and assumptions known at a given point in time.

AAC’s research-based analyses provide our clients with supply and demand intelligence of markets within their specific industries. We supplement our secondary research with primary research data, collected from industry participants and SMEs. When economic outcomes depend on engineering knowledge, AAC taps into its deep pool of scientists and engineers to assist with projects.  As a result, clients can drive their business strategies with confidence and continually analyze alternative scenarios for adding value to the enterprise.

Economic Analysis


We find the interconnected forces, and then we position our clients to take advantage of them.
Rod Garrett, AAC Senior Economist