AAC is an association of Specialty Engineers who are recognized Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in a diverse range of technical domains.
AAC’s Systems engineers work closely with our clients to transform users’ needs into useful designs that are operationally effective, affordable and sustainable over a given life span.

AAC is an expert designer of Automated Test Systems (ATS). Our test systems have been successfully applied to mission-critical Airborne, Ground-based, and Sea-going Radar and Sonar Systems.

AAC develops out-of-the-box and customized ISR solutions that facilitate Intelligence Analysis, Imagery Distribution & Change Detection, Communications, and improved Cultural Intelligence. We’re developing solutions today that will be a part of the DoD’s Next Generation ISR Enterprise Portfolio.


Our engineers typically possess high levels of academic achievement and over 25 years of experience, supplementing their knowledge with a lifetime of lessons-learned.

We are always current on new and emerging aspects of the complex Defense Acquisition Process and we help our government clients navigate it.

We not only do the work — we also teach it in the form of comprehensive certification programs and specialized courses.

System Engineering Top Level Process