Learning Systems & Training

From Certificate Programs to workshops, AAC’s Instructional Systems Design (ISD) experts develop customized courses and curriculum for both conventional classroom and web-delivered venues.
AAC’s recognized ISD experts, working with proven models and tools, provide customized ISD services and solutions that range from online course development to full curriculum design.

AAC builds customized learning programs on diverse topics, based on our broad experience, acumen with multiple LMS, and understanding of DoD and Federal learning initiatives.

AAC supports engineers in building a holistic understanding of modern complex systems, taught by industry-recognized experts.

AAC creates interactive, dynamic workshops that provide practical learning opportunities, group collaboration, and knowledge reinforcement during and after the workshop.


We are fluent in multiple ISD methodologies and Learning Management Systems (LMS), therefore, we can accommodate client preferences and their existing investments.

Our clients are often looking to change their engineering culture, e.g., in response to a DoD transformation initiative. AAC helps them create “change agents” within their organizations by providing train-the-trainer services to their elite engineers.

Combat Troop

AAC provides training for the Israeli Military on Counter-terrorism, Detection and Response.