Cross-Cultural Understanding & Linguistics

The effectiveness of interaction and discourse between individuals is best measured by the outcome of that interaction and how it impacts human behavior.
Provide actionable advice and services to help clients manage conflict where stakeholders perceive a real threat to their needs, interests or concerns, on a worldwide basis.

Help clients adapt their personnel and communications to specific regional languages and cultural sensitivities, mitigating barriers to cross-cultural understanding.

Provide translation and transcription services for virtually any media.

Interpret foreign languages, with deep-level accuracy and local context, in order to further U.S. missions at home and abroad.


Intercultural nuances affect all levels of human interaction and discourse. With that understanding, AAC has continually forged working relationships with leaders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in higher education throughout the World, for over a decade. Today, we have hundreds of SMEs in our network, available to address issues of cultural intelligence, conflict resolution, localization, translation, and interpretation.

As the World becomes “smaller” and global interaction becomes more commonplace, cross-cultural understanding has never been more important.

AAC helps our clients, operating in intercultural environments, achieve cultural awareness and communicate more clearly and effectively. The positive results are measured by such factors as historical efficiency, demographic effectiveness, and geographical wellness. This Triangulation of Cultural Intelligence is AAC’s practical method to help clients understand how and why counterparts act, think and behave in the way they do. By gaining cross-cultural intelligence, AAC devises strategies that help our clients establish good working relations and cross-cultural rapport.

The Cultural Intelligence Triangle