Mission Focus & Values

AAC is a team of specialized engineers and multi-disciplined experts.

Systems Engineering (SE) is our Heritage. It’s in our DNA and we incorporate SE principles into everything we do for our government and corporate clients. We are all holistic thinkers. We are also pioneers and avid users of simulation and modeling technology tools.

AAC is making a difference in the pursuit of our National Defense. Our focus is at both the Systems and Human levels.

At the Systems Level, AAC helps government and industry clients within the aerospace-defense sector solve mission-critical problems and develop lifecycle sustainment strategies, also helping them develop new possibilities for innovation throughout the process. We are experts in the Federal Acquisition System and help our clients navigate its complexity. We apply advanced economic and financial modeling to help clients make knowledge-based decisions and drive their business/mission strategy with confidence.


At the Human Level, AAC develops customized training programs and conducts training on a diverse range of engineering subjects, applying automation and innovation to both the content and delivery of instruction. We’ are also making a difference on the ground, where we enable warfighters and others to operate more effectively in cross-cultural environments. AAC’s network of international resources is available to address issues of cultural intelligence, conflict resolution, localization, translation, and interpretation, almost anywhere in the world.

AAC’s Mission and Core Values are understood and shared by all of our people.

Knowledge Leadership
We remain current in DoD’s complex, integrated Decision Support System and always to be the expert resource most sought after.


Focus on Innovation
Leverage the ever-expanding capacity of modeling, simulation, and artificial intelligence to solve complex real-world problems; helping clients improve how they manage their enterprise in terms of efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness.

Recognized Expertise
To ensure the client receives the best support possible, maintain a staff representing the top tier (5%) of their profession, as measured by industry-recognized expertise, past success, and currency at the leading edge of their respective fields. Ensure that client programs are always supported by experienced managers who are also technical experts in the domain we are supporting.


Knowledge & Wisdom Transfer
AAC teaches systems and specialty engineering courses to certify client staff and fully indoctrinate them with our vision of systems engineering. This vision defines how our recognized experts conduct their own work and it represents the real discriminator in our training programs.

AAC is mindful that our client’s efforts must inevitably benefit the Warfighter and the Mission. We are mission focused. Our people always represent themselves and the company with integrity and high standards for professionalism. We are eager to help our clients succeed in defending America’s homeland and its interests worldwide.