Automated Test Engineering

AAC helps you achieve maximum testing effectiveness in the minimum time possible. With our Automated Test System Studio, we integrate test equipment, specialized hardware, a robust software environment, and documentation required for effective testing. And unlike most ATS builders, we seek to incorporate operator ergonomics into the design. AAC supports the entire Automated Testing Lifecycle, from solution design and development through fielding and training.
AAC’s Systems engineers work closely with our clients to transform users’ needs into useful designs that are operationally effective, affordable and sustainable over a given life span.

AAC develops out-of-the-box and customized ISR solutions that facilitate Intelligence Analysis, Imagery Distribution & Change Detection, Communications, and improved Cultural Intelligence. We’re developing solutions today that will be a part of the DoD’s Next Generation ISR Enterprise Portfolio.

AAC Automated Test Services
  • Requirements definition
  • ATE architecture and design
  • Software development
  • Custom interface test adapters (ITA’s)
  • Design, build, test and validate
  • Complete documentation suites
  • Ongoing training and support

Our test systems have been successfully applied to mission-critical Airborne, Ground-based, and Sea-going Radar and Sonar Systems.

reconnaissance Plane

Automated Testing Provides Myriad Benefits to Your Enterprise

Faster test execution, less test time, fewer resources, more product throughput.

Increased by removing human mistakes & inconsistencies in the test process.

For the product manufacturing team.

Due to reduced test time, fewer required resources, faster product delivery times.

Automated Test Equipment (ATE) Platforms

AAC has deep experience in designing, assembling, and integrating sophisticated ATS’s and test program sets. We are experienced in the use of industry’s various ATE Platforms such as:

• PCI eXtensions for instrumentation (PXI)
• VME eXtensions for instrumentation (VXI)
• Conventional rack and stack configurations

Each has its advantages, and our versatility with their use enables us to build the most suitable and most cost-effective test configuration possible.

We custom program our ATS with languages that are best suited for our client’s needs and budget. We custom design specialized test hardware and backplanes for signal routing as required.

We maintain compatibility with many hardware platforms, using commercial off the shelf (COTS) and/or custom hardware test interfaces.

Some of the test equipment suppliers we use in our ATS development:

Robust Software Environment

Comprehensive automated testing can only be achieved utilizing a robust and modern software environment. AAC leverages both conventional languages (C, C++, Basic) and graphical languages (LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI) to their maximum advantage to meet customer requirements.  Our custom-designed Test Executive is the operator’s main interface to the test station. It enables comprehensive and selective testing, scheduled and managed through a single user interface.

Test Documentation

Accurate and thorough documentation is paramount. AAC provides written test procedures and detailed mechanical and electrical drawings to document the design and provide a foundation for modifications due to evolving requirements.  We use flexible CAD software for electrical and mechanical design drawings. AAC is ISO-9000 certified and we use industry standard practices, as defined in MIL-STD-498 for documentation.

AAC’s Test Executive
AAC’s Custom Designed Test Executive enables Flexible Scheduling, Instant Status, and complete documentation of the test.

Automated Test Engineering AAC

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