Instructional Systems Design

AAC’s recognized experts in Instructional Systems Design (ISD), equipped with proven models and tools, provide customized ISD solutions ranging from online courses to full curriculum design.
AAC builds customized learning programs on diverse topics, based on our broad experience, acumen with multiple LMS, and understanding of DoD and Federal learning initiatives.

AAC supports engineers in building a holistic understanding of modern complex systems, taught by industry-recognized experts.

AAC creates interactive, dynamic workshops that provide practical learning opportunities, group collaboration, and knowledge reinforcement during and after the workshop.

Our Holistic Approach Focuses on Outcomes

AAC “begins with the end in mind.” Our approach allows the designers to examine the desired outcomes, and then scaffold attainable goals to drive the development process, producing a final product that is effective and inclusive, and to the maximum benefit of the client.

AAC’s ISD Model-Agnostic Approach Gives Flexibility to the Client

AAC’s diverse expertise in multiple ISD models enables us to remain model-agnostic, allowing us to create customized learning experiences that support professional development within any organization, regardless of their ISD model preference.

We Use Real World Scenarios that Resonate with Students

AAC uses scenario-based learning to simulate authentic experiences, which enhances learning. This practical approach motivates students and helps them master what they learn.

Instructional Systems Design
The Defense Language Institute (DLI)

DLI provides linguistic and cultural instruction to the DoD, other Federal agencies and clients around the world. It also develops curriculum and research in second-language acquisition. AAC SME’s developed customized language enhancement courses for DLI in more than 10 languages to strengthen the secondary language skills of government personnel preparing for overseas assignment. AAC succeeded in creating meaningful learning experiences, grounded in contemporary educational theory, with a modern approach to current trends in e-Learning.

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