AAC leverages its Systems Engineering heritage to develop Logistics Support Architectures that support the DoD Business Architecture and provide best practices for industry applications.
Our engineers apply leading edge modeling and simulation to logistics support.

We provide comprehensive acquisition logistics strategy assistance to help you determine an optimal support strategy.


Architectural Framework
Our engineers design a conceptual blueprint to define the structure and operation of the organization, and then build a framework for an architecture that will effectively achieve its mission and objectives, both now and in the future.

Mapping Logistics to Warfighter Needs
AAC supports the JCIDS Analysis Process, helping you map your program’s logistics requirements to warfighter needs, elevating LCL early in the program’s life.

AAC Design Tools Create Easily Understood Architectures
AAC integrated architectures consist of multiple views (operational, systems, technical standards) that facilitate integration, promote understanding of their interrelationships, and promote interoperability.

AAC Logistics Architecture Focus