Modeling & Simulation

AAC applies modeling and simulation to logistics support in order to help you define, develop, test, produce and sustain mission-critical systems.
We provide comprehensive acquisition logistics strategy assistance to help you determine an optimal support strategy.

Our logistics engineers develop DoD-compliant logistics support architectures.


Optimization & Simulation Modeling
Our engineers factor in the strengths and weaknesses of different modeling techniques to address complex logistics solutions. For example:

• Optimization – optimized solutions are sought based on logistics assumptions and data derived from mathematical algorithms

• Simulation – uses real-world data simulations to quantify cause-effect relationships between scenario changes and their impact on logistics support

Military Supply Chain Simulation
AAC has modeled and simulated various supply chain scenarios, worldwide. We help you model and examine the trade-offs between the cost of the support and its effectiveness during sustainment operations.

Military Exercise Support
AAC provides simulation services to support exercises involving military operations, mission rehearsals and training.

Logistics Simulation and Modeling