Diverse Media Translation & Transcription

AAC provides translation and transcription services for virtually any media, including documents, audio files, and visual works (stationary/moving).
Provide actionable advice and services to help clients manage conflict where stakeholders perceive a real threat to their needs, interests or concerns, on a worldwide basis.

Help clients adapt their personnel and communications to specific regional languages and cultural sensitivities, mitigating barriers to cross-cultural understanding.

Interpret foreign languages with deep-level accuracy and local context, in order to further U.S. missions at home and abroad.

We Regularly Work with Highly Complex Documents

AAC specializes in the translation of highly technical documents. Their complexity often involves intangible nuances and requires pinpoint precision. We support international business, foreign language development courses, complex machinery, safety manuals, and legal proceedings.

Accuracy & Precision are Paramount

AAC uses only expert translators, paired with advanced software-based translation environments to deliver results that integrate meaning, dialect, local usage, syntax, and overall readability while maintaining fidelity to the source document.

We Offer Complete Program Translation & Transcription Services

AAC linguists supported the development of a training program for the AN/FPS-117 Radar System for Arabic operators. AAC provided expert document translation as well as voice recordings of the translations. These audio files were used in the training module for the FPS-117 Radar System.

Diverse Media Translation and Transcription