AAC helps clients adapt their personnel and communications to specific regional languages and cultural sensitivities, mitigating barriers to cross-cultural understanding.
Provide actionable advice and services to help clients manage conflict where stakeholders perceive a real threat to their needs, interests or concerns, on a worldwide basis.

Provide translation and transcription services for virtually any media.

Interpret foreign languages, with deep-level accuracy and local context in order to further U.S. missions at home and abroad.

Our Linguistics Experts Apply a Detailed Cultural Focus

AAC’s cultural and linguistic experts recognize regional dialects. The benefit is that, in addition to addressing large generalized groups, we can also adapt and enhance communications for specific cultural and linguistic subsets.

We Provide Full Localization Support

With a firm foundation in cultural understanding, AAC experts provide clients with the intelligence and linguistic capabilities to support their international business. We assist companies in localizing contracts, proposals and other business documents for specific cultural regions.

Localization in Afghanistan