AAC interpreters provide vital assistance to U.S. missions worldwide. Work products are based on statements, speeches, conferences, working parties, legal proceedings, and negotiations, to name just a few.
Provide actionable advice and services to help clients manage conflict where stakeholders perceive a real threat to their needs, interests or concerns, on a worldwide basis.

Help clients adapt their personnel and communications to specific regional languages and cultural sensitivities, mitigating barriers to cross-cultural understanding.

Provide translation and transcription services for virtually any media.

Reliability comes from Deep Local Knowledge

AAC interpreters use experience and deep local knowledge to determine the accuracy and integrity of gathered information, reporting out to the client.

Our Knowledge Center is Always Growing

AAC establishes libraries of language reference materials, local knowledge databases, and other tools to facilitate our interpretation services.

Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation

AAC provides translation services using both the Consecutive method (speaker pauses as words are translated) and the Simultaneous method (real time). Each technique has its advantages and challenges. Simultaneous allows the speaker to talk uninterrupted but puts pressure on the translator as there is no time to pause and reflect. Consecutive requires the translator to remember as many as five minutes of speech at a time.